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Castle Living Black Shovel 5"/12cm

Castle Living Black Shovel 5"/12cm ideal for coal, feeds, road salt as well as a variety of other uses.
€7.75 incl vat

Dustpan and Brush Set

Sweep up the mess in a breeze with our dustpan and brush set.
€3.64 incl vat

Gardag Bassine Broom 11" Assembled

Gardag 11" broom with natural bassine bristles is a stiff brush ideal for uneven surfaces, concrete, yards etc. . Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Suitable for outdoor use.
€9.08 incl vat

Gardag Black & White Nylon Yard Broom 13"

Heavy Duty yard broom head with Nylon bristles, for outdoor use.
€27.29 incl vat

Gardag Black PVC Broom Assembled 13"

This is a 13 inch broom with PVC bristles that are long lasting and are ideal for large areas such as yards, Garages, etc.
€20.55 incl vat

Gardag Coco Platform Broom Assembled

Large soft bristled broom - ideal for smooth dry surfaces. Available in 18", 24" and 36".
€25.53 incl vat

Gardag Deck Scrub Assembled 9"

Gardag Deck Scrub 9" Assembled has stiff bristles that can be used indoor or outdoor and are ideal for the removal of stubborn stains and ground in dirt. The short and very durable and weather resistant bristles allow for the most vigourous scrubbing of any outdoor patio or yard.
€8.57 incl vat

Gardag Red PVC Yard Broom Assembled 10"

Gardag Red PVC Yard Broom Assembled 10" suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for use in yards, driveways, patios, garages.
€11.92 incl vat

Gardag Soft PVC Broom 11" (Assembled)

Gardag soft PVC broom with wooden broom head with standard 23/25mm broom handle head socket. Broom comes completely assemble and ready for use. Soft PVC broom head provides an excellent sweeping performance on smooth and slightly rough surfaces. Suitable for use in wet or dry.
€10.53 incl vat

Gardag Wooden Scrubbing Brush

The Gardag Wooden Scrubbing Brush has short bristles that give the brush its stiff feeling and scrubbing properties. It is ideal for outdoor use including cleaning your patios, block paving, and decking.
€3.97 incl vat

Tala Yard Broom/Hoe Handle 60" x 1.1/8"

Tala Yard Broom/Hoe Handle is made from hard wood with a lacquered finish.
€8.19 incl vat