Cold Chisels

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Makita Cold Chisel SDS-Plus 20mm X 250mm

Makita Cold Chisel SDS-Plus 20mm X 250mm has a high resistance to wear and deformation that has been achieved with induction hardening extending efficient life time by 30%. Testing has shown material removal rates have also been increased by over 15%. Application: Concrete, demolition, render, chasing.
€9.08 incl vat

Tala Cold Chisel

Chrome vanadium. For general cutting and chipping of metals, and for shaping, facing and cutting of stone work. Available sizes: 200 x 20mm (8 x 3/4”), 250 x 20mm (10 x 3/4”), 250 x 25mm (10 x 1”), 300 x 20mm (12 x 3/4”).
€7.50 incl vat

Tala Guarded Cold Chisel

Professional quality. Guarded handle. Made to BS 3066 standard. Available sizes: 200 x 19mm (8 x 3/4”), 250 x 19mm (10 x 3/4”) and 250 x 25mm (10 x 1”).
€13.43 incl vat

Tala Soft Grip Harling Dash Trowel

Professional quality. Traditional tool for applying pebble and spar dash to the external walls of properties. Bi-Material handle.
€19.61 incl vat