Concrete Repair & Corrrosion Control

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Fosroc Renderoc ST05 - 20KG & 5L Kit Grey

Fosroc Renderoc ST05 - 20KG & 5L Kit Grey is for repair and use with concrete, masonry, mild steel, and brickwork. It can also be used for minor repairs as well as for filling large areas. It consists of powder and polymer components. The powder is added to the liquid, the mixing ratio depends on the required consistency and use.
€112.14 incl vat

Sika Monotop-110 Quick Fixing Mortar 5kg

Sika MonoTop -110 QuickFix is a 1-component fast setting ready-to-use mortar based on cementitious binder and selected aggregates, designed as a fixing mortar characterized by the early strength development.
€27.68 incl vat

Sika Monotop-112 Multi-Use Repair Mortar 5kg

Sika Monotop-112 Multi-Use Repair Mortar is a top quality, general purpose mortar, based on special cements and selected aggregates. This product is ideal for patching and repairing mortar. Sika Montop-112 is ready to use by just adding water, this contains silica fume, synthetic microfibers, and admixtures for improved properties. Supplied in a 5kg bag.
€22.07 incl vat