Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that we place into a folder on your computer when you visit to ensure our website functions correctly and to improve your experience when visiting our website. This policy will outline what information we gather, how and why we use this information.

Due to recent changes in law, all websites in the EU must now obtain consent in order to store or use cookies on your computer on mobile device. No Cookies upon this website will collect personal identifiable data such as a name or email address.

We use cookies to help manage our website, ensure our website functions correctly and to help us provide a personalised experience for each user. Cookies allows us to gather information on how our website is used, allow us to maintain our website on an on-going basis.


By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to us placing Cookies on your device in order to analyse how you use our website. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you will need to delete your cookies. Find out more information here: 

How to disable Cookies?

You can disable or clear cookies on your device whenever you wish, however that preventing Cookies will affect the functionality and performance of our website and other websites which you visit. It is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

To disable Cookies please visit as each browser is different.

What Cookies to we use?

Strictly necessary Cookies – These Cookies are essential for you to browse our website. They allow you to use the website features, such as logging in and holding items in your basket while you continue to browse our website. These cookies will generally be first-party session cookies.

Performance Cookies – These Cookies are used for gathering data on how users use our website. They allow us to gather which pages of a website are most popular, or if there are any errors on any web pages. No identifiable data will be collected, therefore all information collected will be anonymous and only used to improve the functionality of our website.

Functionality Cookies – These Cookies are used to remember each users’ preferences and choices when they return to our website. This allows is us to provide a personalised experience. Functionality cookies are anonymous and will not track activity across other websites.

Targeting Cookies – These Cookies are used to collect information about your browsing habits to display advertisements to you based on topics that you may have an interest in. These cookies are frequently third-party Cookies, therefore these cookies may follow you from website to website. Targeting Cookies will also help us measure the performance of our marketing activities, in return allowing us to provide more relevant adverts.