Galvanished Beads

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Angle Bead Galvanised

Angle Bead Galvanised used to create a clean edge and reinforce plastered wall corners. Used in 90 degree angle walls. Available in 2.4m and 3m.
€2.52 incl vat

Mini Mesh Galvanised

Thin Coat Expand Mesh Angle Bead for a 3mm finish on plaster and plasterboard backgrounds. 2.4 m lengths.
€2.52 incl vat

Plaster Stop Bead 10mm

Plaster Stop Bead 10mm for traditional wet plaster applications. Expanded wings reinforces plaster to prevent cracking. Used to provide a straight and clean edge to wet plaster where it butts up to other materials such as window and door frames. Fixed with plaster or mortar dabs or can be nailed. Generally for internal use only. Can be used with either plaster or external render.
€4.60 incl vat

Movement Bead Galvanised 10' (3.0m / 13mm)

Galvanised movements beads are generally used to form movement joints in plaster or render where long wall runs have movement joints in situ or where there is a need to allow for differential or thermal movement.
€34.61 incl vat

Plastop Galvanised 8' (2.4m / 3mm)

Thin Coat Plaster Stop Bead ideal for ensuring a neat 3mm finish on plasterboard and other smooth backgrounds.
€3.71 incl vat