Raindrain Range

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Aco Raindrain Brickslot Channel 1.0M B125

Aco Raindrain Brickslot Channel 1.0M B125 provides a discreet slot drainage system for a number of applications, both commercial and residential including driveways and small private car parks. It is a great option if you are looking for a highly durable and long lasting drainage channel.
€89.02 incl vat

ACO Raindrain Closing End Cap

ACO Closing Endcap designed specifically for use with ACO HexDrain, HexDrain Brickslot and RainDrain drainage channels. Use to fully close the end of the channel to prevent leakage.
€8.19 incl vat

ACO Raindrain Channel with Cast Iron Grating 1m B125

ACO Raindrain B125 Drainage Channel 1m Length 12.5 Tonne with Cast Iron Grating can be used on small private car parks or pedestrian precincts for effective drainage of rainwater.
€45.26 incl vat

ACO Raindrain Channel with Galvanised Grating 1.0m

The ACO HexDrain with Galvanised Steel Grating is a high strength, high quality channel drainage system suitable for domestic drainage applications up to Load Class A 15.
€24.71 incl vat