Specialist Plasterboard

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Knauf Moisture Resistant Plasterboard TE

Knauf Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is ideal for use in high humidity areas such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and Toilets, if tiling in a wet area, use Knauf AQUAPANEL®. Identifiable by it's green paper face Knauf Moisture Resistant Plasterboardis suitable for recieving a plaster finish or for direct decoration. Available in a range of sizes with a tapered edge finish.
€26.60 incl vat

Knauf Plasterboard Fire Panel T/E

Knauf Fire Rated Plasterboard is a fire resistant plasterboard that complies with EN520, Type A and F. Ready to receive either a plaster finish or direct decoration. Choice of square edge or tapered edge finish. Available in a range of sizes.
€24.21 incl vat

Knauf Plasterboard Soundshield Plus T/E

Knauf Plasterboard Soundshield Plus is a high mass,tuned core plasterboard which offers enhanced acoustic performance, excellent fire resistance and severe duty rating for use where sound reduction is of particular importance. For use as cladding component in partitions and lining systems. Identifiable by it's blue paper covering, finished with a tapered edge it is available in a range of sizes.
€27.29 incl vat

Knauf Vapour Panel Plasterboard TE

Knauf Vapour Panel Plasterboard is a laminated plasterboard which is resistant to vapour. It features a metallised polyester foil laminate on the grey paper face which creates an effective vapour barrier. Available in a range of sizes/thicknesses.
€24.02 incl vat