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Barrettine Knock Out Caustic Soda 500g

Granules for dissolving in cold water to clear blocked drains and clean surfaces. Can also be used to strip paint when neutralising with white vinegar.
€6.88 incl vat

Sugar Soap Concentrate 500ml

Sugar Soap Concentrate 500ml is a concentrated solution which when diluted with water effectively removes grease, grime and nicotine from painted surfaces to ensure improved adhesion. Also ideal as a general household cleaner.
€5.87 incl vat

Everbuild White Spirit

Everbuild White Spirit is a solvent designed for thinning of paints and varnishes, cleaning of paint brushes and rollers prior to use, and general household cleaning and degreasing. Available in 750ml and 2Ltr containers.
€6.24 incl vat

Evo-Stik Linseed Oil Putty Natural 1kg

Evo-Stik Linseed Oil Putty Natural is a glazing putty for the external face glazing of door and window frames.
€5.36 incl vat

Thompsons UPVC Restorer 480ml

UPVC Restorer quickly and easily removes stains without scratching the surface, leaving it clean, revived & brilliantly white. It's water based formulation is safe for use on all interior and exterior UPVC.
€13.49 incl vat