Winter Essential

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Big Cheese Mouse Trap (Fresh Baited)

Big Cheese Fresh Baited Mouse Traps have a traditional design with a 1cm wooden base, covered with a plastic sleeve making them easy to wipe clean and re-use. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the trap comes pre-baited with Fresh ‘n Tasty Mouse and Rat Attractant.
€5.49 incl vat

Big Cheese Ultra power Mouse Trap Twin Pack

Big Cheese Ultra power Mouse Traps are easy to set, baited and ready to use. Simply remove the red bait well cover before setting. One simple click sets the trap and it becomes ready for positioning.
€12.99 incl vat

Big Cheese Wooden Rat Trap (2 Pack)

Big Cheese Wooden Rat Trap (2 Pack) has a traditional trap design that has a powerful spring mechanism to effectively catch and kill rats. You can use it indoor and outdoors, just set up and position traps wherever rat activity has been noted. Position under lean-to boards if using outside in wet conditions.
€6.05 incl vat

Salt Bag 25kg

Salt Bags effectively prevents snow and ice build-up. Perfect for clearing paths, driveways, steps, etc of ice, frost and snow.
€10.89 incl vat