Wood Adhesives

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Evo Stik Wood Adhesive Resin W

The Evo-Stik Resin ‘W’ Interior Wood Adhesive is a one-part synthetic resin emulsion adhesive. This product is designed for general bonding of wood assemblies, for use on non-structural applications. Available in 250ml,500ml and 1ltr packs.
€10.27 incl vat

Evo-Stik Weatherproof Wood Adhesive Resin-W

Evo-Stik Resin ‘W’ Weatherproof Wood Adhesive is a fast setting, extra strong weatherproof wood adhesive for interior or exterior use. Suitable for use on all woods including softwood, chipboard, plywood, block wood and hardwood. Available in 4 different container sizes.
€14.69 incl vat

Evo-Stik Rapid Mitre Fix Kit

Evo-Stik Rapid Mitre Fix is a special glue with an activator to ensure that it is rapid setting. Designed primarily for bonding the mitre joints of picture frames, however it will bond many other surfaces.
€17.77 incl vat

Gorilla Glue **Original** 500ml

Gorilla Glue Original is 100% waterproof, weatherproof, and temperature resistant. This glue is water activated, expanding to three times its size during curing, and forming an unbreakable bond.
€32.03 incl vat

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue is an adhesive that woodworkers, carpenters, and hobbyists trust for their woodworking projects. It is a PVA glue, which offers the benefits of an easy-to-use, water-based adhesive. Available in 4 sizes
€7.06 incl vat